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By: Rene Dial

 I have an idea for a smart phone app! Now what? Part I

Today I am beginning a series of blogs with regard to creating your own smart phone apps.  Part I of the series will be basic and hopefully give you some helpful links and information.  The next blog in the series will go more in depth into protecting your app or invention and the types of contracts it would be wise to have in place.

Let’s start with the first question most people have.  I have an idea for a smart phone app! Now what?  Well you have to ask yourself why are you creating the app?  Is the app for profit, advertisement, or as a means of bringing attention to an important issue.  You may want a simple app that syncs with your blog which would be less expensive or a gaming app which will take a lot more time to develop and of course, more money.

Developers, who are interested in developing apps, can sign up with Apple, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone at the following web addresses.  These sites provide the basic coding, platform, and operating system for you to build upon.  Be sure to read their respective legal agreements closely and always protect your intellectual property rights.  You do not want to lose your patent, copyright, or trademark rights to your app, invention, or idea.

Apple                            Android                        Blackberry                   Windows Phone

 If you are like me and have no idea how to write code, then find a developer who can.  Some of them are free depending on the advertisements they are allowed to run on your app.  Some charge a low monthly fee and others can run into the thousands of dollars between start up and monthly fees.  Most of the developers have basic designs that can be built upon.  By using one of these designs it speeds up the process and cuts down on the development expense.  I searched the web and found a multitude of companies that will be more than happy to assist you. http://isites.us/, http://www.motherapp.com/, http://www.mobileroadie.com/, http://www.bahntech.com/iphone/, http://www.xcubelabs.com/, and the list goes on. 

I do not have any relationships with these developers.  This is just a list I pulled from running an internet search to give you a starting point.  If you are feeling up to the task Google Labs has an Android App Inventor that claims to be user friendly for Google Engineers and Google users alike.  The app inventor can be found at http://appinventor.googlelabs.com/about/index.html.

Whichever developer you use confirm who is responsible for submitting your app to Apple, Android, or the platform you choose.  Without submitting the app all you have is information on a hard drive.  Again, before you divulge any information with regard to your idea and/or invention you need to seek legal advice to protect your valuable idea and/or invention.

Have a safe Memorial Day and remember the sacrifices that have been made by our men and women in uniform.


Posted On
Jan 26, 2012
Posted By
chris crook

i have an idea for smart phones its a small chip that u can insert into your pet and if they go missing u can track them on your smart phone.

Posted On
Jan 26, 2012
Posted By
Rene Dial

I would be happy to discuss your app with you. Please contact me at rene@legalteamusa.com or philip@legalteamusa.com.

Posted On
May 24, 2012
Posted By
Rick Tanner

I have an idea for an app. How can I find out if there isn’t an app already in place with the same idea and has a copyright? If the app idea I have does not exist, …… what’s the next step?

Posted On
May 25, 2012
Posted By
Mark Malek

Rick – please contact me directly – Mark@Legalteamusa.com.

Posted On
Jul 11, 2012
Posted By
Joshua Tucker

If you have an app idea, try out http://applits.com/ and submit your app idea into our competition! If you win you could be paid $1,500 for your idea.

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