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By Daniel Davidson

When Courtney Love thumbed open her direct app to twitter on her handy smart phone, ready to give her few thousand followers a piece of her mind, I’m sure she didn’t think it would end up putting her in front of a process server hearing the words, “you’ve been served,” again.  Well, as only Hole front-woman Courtney Love can do, or should I say, has done, she will have to confront another defamation suit at the hands of Twitter comments.  This time the allegations are coming from Love’s former attorney, Rhonda Holmes.

As you may recall, (or want to recall by clicking here) Love was in a legal battle with fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir over defaming comments made on Twitter which were later dropped because of a $430,000 settlement.  The case which was filed last year made buzz due to it being a First Amendment  case involving Twitter and its potential to set a precedent for celebrity use on Twitter.

This time, Love is going with the Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory approach, claiming, “I was f—ing devastated (sic) when Rhonda J Holmes Esq. of San Diego was bought off …”  Maybe years of drug use has finally caught up with her and she is having delusions of people being after her. 

Don't do it Courtney!

 (Should I have said that?  I think I will get away with it because it is an opinion)  The action also sites an interview Courtney Love did in which she mentions how Attorney Holmes stopped taking her calls after  “they got to her.”

The complaint also seeks punitive damages to keep Love from doing this again.  Maybe, as an app has been made to keep an intoxicated dialer from waking up and regretting their night before texts, someone should make an app that keeps Courtney Love off of Twitter.  Cheers.

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